The following is a list of questions that have been asked regarding our Case Manager Online Worksheet section of the Site

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Why is your online worksheet different in format than a regular Resume?
The online resume worksheet has been developed in conjunction with the Employers and Hiring Authorities to facilitate their finding potential candidates / employees in the most efficient manner possible. This includes being able to search for a candidate using standardized criteria. They also indicated a desire to be able to quickly and efficiently review numerous candidates and compare them using standardized criteria that focused primarily on education, specific skills, job experiences related to specific areas, and specific interests as it related to relocation, location, etc. Through the use of the worksheet we have standardized the information the Employers indicated they wanted to see.
Can I just cut and paste a listing of all my experiences from my Resume right into each job related experience box of your online worksheet?
We highly discourage doing this as it results in a lot of repetition that employers tend to ignore and don't want to see. It is far better to write short concise paragraphs tailored to each job related experience section; that way employers can quickly see how each of your experiences relate to the specific job experience category.
Why don't you have a section that allows for listing the companies I worked for and when??
Our discussions with the employers and hiring authorities indicate they want to focus primarily on the candidate's skills, specific experiences, and the education of each candidate. Once they found a likely candidate, finding out about whom the candidate had worked for and when could follow during a job interview.
I was filling out the online worksheet and got to the skills section when all of a sudden the boxes went crazy and multiplied, streaming up and down the page. The only thing I could do was exit my browser and I lost all the information I had already input. What happened?? Is there anyway to recover the data??

The weird behavior of the boxes is usually caused by low memory on the user's computer. Two things may have occurred:

First, you may have missed the warning message that is found at the bottom of the Online worksheet explanation page. The message cautions users to close all non-essential programs prior to proceeding with filling out the online worksheet form. It also suggests that the user may want to restart their computer as that insures you start the process with the maximum amount of memory for your machine.

Second, your computer may have limited memory and the form may be just too complex to display. In those cases, we suggest you contact us and we can work out another way to get your Resume posted online.

Unfortunately if you had to exit your browser for the problem to go away, the information you had entered up to that point is lost. We are also looking at making changes to that section of the website so that the form isn't displayed all at once and is broken into multiple pages.

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