In response to requests made by our community, we have developed this salary survey and comparative salary search. Instead of grouping ALL case managers nationwide into one big amorphous group and trying to quantify their compensation, we have grouped case managers by:

  1. working environment,
  2. geographic environment,
  3. education and
  4. certification.

NO personal information is collected by the survey. This allows you to remain completely anonymous.

IMPORTANT: The accuracy of all this information is contingent on the submission of YOUR SALARY information. If you do not contribute your information, the next case manager who does a search will not find as accurate information as they could if your data had been added to the database.

WE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for taking the time to add your salary information to our database PRIOR to doing a search.

If you have any questions regarding this survey or are looking for help, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions

Please enter YOUR salary information below:
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Clinical Experience:
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Case Mgmt Experience:
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