about Little RN Case Manager & the Big Bad Wolf

Once upon a time there was an incredibly hard-working Little RN Case Manager who was totally dedicated to her job. Every day, as she toiled at her desk, the Big Bad Wolf would come "huffing and puffing" at her (office) door trying to give her more and more cases.

Being the ever-accommodating, dedicated caregiver, Little RN Case Manager would usually let him in and accept the additional baskets of work.

Her bosses would always say . . . "We've got such a wonderful staff; they can always do just a little more work; they can cover for the vacancies (what's another 100 cases?) . . . we've always done it that way." (of course the BBW eventually ate them all, but who's counting?) Her bosses had invested a lot of time and expense in her training and she loved her job, but whenever Little RN Case Manager "cried for help" . . . no one came, no one listened . . . until finally one day she had to leave (quit) or be gobbled up by that Big Bad Wolf.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Better to use temporary staffing agencies (for case managers) when the work load increases rather than risk loosing invaluable and trained personnel.



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